Application Maintenance Services

Application Maintenance Services

Maintaining the vertebrae of the wired enterprise

Ever since most businesses have moved the bulk of their transactions to the web, they have experienced huge savings in terms of time and money. However, these savings come with the ever-present danger of your systems being under attack from outside competitive threats. We follow a step-by-step approach to maintain and secure the IT infrastructure of a company.

Quite often organizations face scalability issues as their internal systems are unable to cope up with the growing demand. At this stage of the growth process, organizations find that their developers spend most of their time in fixing bugs instead of spending resources in developing new functionalities.

By leveraging the acumen of its professionals, Caelus Technologies helps webmasters to identify barriers that inhibit the productivity of their applications. Once the issues have been identified, a detailed roadmap is offered to users that will help them fix bugs and optimize the performance of the software applications developed.

Avail best-in-class application maintenance services

We believe that any kind of investment made in securing a company’s web infrastructure always pays hefty dividends in the long run; and in the first phase, a detailed report of the vulnerabilities observed is presented to the users.

In the second phase a security audit is done to check for denial of service attacks, virus injections and similar such threats. At the conclusion of the second phase of audit, users get an extensive report that offers a roadmap which they can use to secure their applications against the threats identified.

Caelus offers Application Audit Services for testing the viability of an application. In the Application Audit phase, a target application or code base is audited against a series of pre-defined benchmarks and a detailed report is offered to users with the audit findings for addressing the issues that have been identified.

The Architecture Audit begins with a detailed evaluation of a software application that takes into account even the usage volume and the operating system being used.

Once the application has been reviewed, a comprehensive report is prepared that identifies all issues which can hamper the productivity of the application. The report also consists of a roadmap that will contain guidelines to users that they can implement to build, manage and maintain robust, scalable web applications for the future.