Hadoop: Conquering the Big Data challenge

Yes that’s what we excel at!

True to our spirit, it’s the challenges in the IT industry that inspires us to outperform our competitors.

Hadoop solutions from Caelus have redefined the business landscape in the past few years. Entrepreneurs nowadays demand Hadoop solutions that are secure, real-time, scalable and flexible.

  • Caelus is one of the pioneers in the design of Hadoop solutions for both small and large businesses. When we set out to design Hadoop solutions for an enterprise the idea is to provide users with a solution that can facilitate business seamlessly.
  • We design our Hadoop Solutions in such a way that they can be modified to add or remove functionalities according to the changing business dynamics. The Hadoop solutions that we design are flexible enough to be scaled up or modified according to the changes in business volume.
  • Small and medium scale enterprises should start looking for companies that provide Hadoop and big data solutions to boost their business growth. In fact, Hadoop is undoubtedly the best bet to stay ahead of the pack in the highly competitive market.
  • We advise small and medium businesses to embrace Hadoop and Big data solution to boost their business growth. Having a reliable Hadoop solution helps build trust amongst the users which ultimately leads to increased word of mouth publicity.
  • The deluge of Hadoop Development work that is being outsourced to India has helped vendors in India gain the required expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions. The experience gained has helped vendors to deliver customized solutions to clients the world over.
  • Transnational companies which have outsourced to India have observed that the Big Data solutions provided by Indian vendors provide the best combination of performance, reliability and costs. In fact, Hadoop is undoubtedly the best bet to stay ahead of the pack in the highly competitive market. Scores of clients in India have reposed their faith in us as we have succeeded in exceeding their expectations. Outsource your Hadoop and Big Data needs to us and experience the difference. Talk to us today and you will find that our solutions are designed to take the shape of your business. It can turn your vision to reality!