Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Consulting: Perfected

Yes, that’s what we do at Caelus Technologies; and we do this by offering unparalleled expertise in the design and development of technology infrastructure across a wide cross-section of IT environments. Not just this, our well planned technology solutions have the potential to engender huge savings in license fees, hardware costs and they reduce the time-to-market for developing technology products as work gets done seamlessly and rapid application development becomes a reality.

With the right kind of technology backbone, companies can take the right kind of projects related to business process outsourcing, software development, maintenance and modification of code. With the absolute best kind of infrastructure, you can build or fix any kind of desktop or web applications that might consume high bandwidth or resources. Improving software performance and attributes can be undertaken and delivered in short turnaround times.

Powering businesses for stellar performances

Our teams of dedicated and skilled professionals have ample experience in resource optimization and in conducting feasibility studies that help IT administrators take the right decisions keeping in mind the constraints of time and money.

  • We help you get your projections regarding input costs right. All our projections are based on solid research and we back our claims with detailed revenue and expense proforma projections.
  • Breakeven analysis followed by recommendations regarding architecture design, staffing and controllable expenses are also provided. Detailed business plans are also offered so that financial resources can be generated in line with the business objectives.
  • Most contracts are signed for a typical 12-month periods and the package fee is dispersed over the duration of the contract.
  • If you are planning to make presentations to the board or financial institutions, we will help you present your case in the best possible manner in order to achieve the maximum funding for acquiring IT assets.

Our portfolio of services includes the following services enlisted above that are geared to give our customers a higher ROI for their technical spends. With our expertise by your side, you can be rest assured that your software infrastructure is in safe hands and you can concentrate on your core operations. No longer will you have to worry about design, development, installation, trouble-shooting, quality assurance and similar such issues.

Over time we have learnt that time and customers wait for no one, and customers want instant gratification for their requirement of any product or service. Be it organizational training or dealing with technology issues, Caelus Technologies offers its clients nothing but the best. And our support doesn’t end here; we help you explore all types of options when it comes to designing the IT architecture of your company.

Trust us…we help you get it right…each time…every time!