Deciphering Social Listening

Social listening is the biggest challenge most CXOs are grappling with in order to make sense of the paradigm shift happening in marketing. In the early phase, traditional moved to digital and thereafter to social. And social monitoring throws up big data which only an experienced technology vendor can interpret and offer insights about user preferences related to a particular product or service.

Getting it right on social media can translate into lead generation, more enquiries for your product or service and higher demand pull at the retail level.

Caelus’ advanced social listening practice helps you with up-to-the minute web analytics and reporting to measure your brand’s social media performance coupled with content propagation across social media platforms. Detailed reports are generated outlining the increase in popularity by measuring the number of organic likes on the social media pages of brands and taking charge of their online reputation.

Big things happen…when you do small things right!

  • With a vast army of social media monitoring and marketing evangelists, we can ensure that the attributes of your brand are highlighted across all major social media properties and that your brand’s social media score remains high whenever measured by Radian6, Klout and similar such social media analytics tools.
  • Every word written about a brand can be tracked through monitoring tools and the kind of measurability we offer will get you the perfect return on investment for your marketing spends. We do not usher a ‘carpet bombing’ approach like it happens in print, TV and outdoor where brand custodians do not get to know how many people actually read about the brand’s message.
  • Once our social media campaign is unleashed, you can be pretty sure that your brand will be a rocketship afterwards where you have full control over the process under our guidance and patronage.

Till now, our expertise has been availed by corporate, non-profits, institutions, governments in order to raise awareness about an event, cause or create the right buzz about their brand and its objectives. Connecting with audiences in a forever connected world is important and that’s where Caelus’ social monitoring expertise comes in handy. Our solutions will let you see the face of the consumer and keep your ears to the ground offering you up-to-the minute updates about how your brand is faring in the social media space.