Web Application Development

Web Application Development

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It has to be agreed beyond doubt, that the internet has touched the lives of billions of people all across the world. There are many businesses who have been fascinated by it so much that they are logged in all day and want to leverage its power by cashing in on the numerous opportunities it offers. You must surely be looking at creating or serving a niche market in web application development, design, programming or hosting. Whatever is your interest, there is one thing that is for sure, that web design is not going out of fashion and the demand for high quality skilled manpower in this field is not going to ebb anytime soon.

Good appealing web portals that stays in the minds of users is something that you need to upload and ensure that all constructive feedback is incorporated to ensure that it elicits the right response from users; else it is just a costly visiting card that you have uploaded on the web. It’s your reputation that is at stake and therefore, you will not compromise at any cost; whether you are a freelancer, business owner or the CMO of any multinational company.

Snapshot of our Web Application development services

Our web development services make use of the LAMP architecture, Linux, Apache, Mysql etc., in order to deliver robust, scalable websites that solve real-life challenges being faced by companies.

Caelus offers off-shore, near-shore and on-site development and maintenance services of fixed fee bases or time and material basis where the customer is billed for the number of hours spent on the project. Quite often we are entrusted with the task of redesigning the portal and updation of code as the portal is unable to perform at optimum levels owing to the changing demands of the market.

Travel agents and education companies find open source solutions a very convenient alternative to .NET as it is license-free and Java is very slow. By availing our web application development services, they also get application audit, architecture audit, security audit and performance audit services that can ensure full security of the web application developed throughout its cycle through growth and maturity.

Airline consolidators, ecommerce marketplaces, telecom businesses, booking engines, bill payment gateway service providers are now realizing that open source is equally secure, robust and functional like its closed source counterparts. Thus it can help them to offer economical services to customers by keeping development and maintenance costs low.