Unix Server

Unix Web Hosting: Be ready for the future!

Dedicated Web hosting services offered by Caelus Technologies provide users with the option to choose between open source and proprietary systems. Having a robust, secure business email system is imperative in today’s internet economy, as the internet has become the lifeline of corporations across the globe.

By leveraging the power of our sophisticated Unix servers, users can streamline their business processes by synchronizing their business information with internal and external stake holders. Freedom from spam and viruses is one of the many tangible benefits users get apart from free training, support and upgrades.

If you are new to the web, then setting up your own application would not be the right way forward. The obstacles and headaches associated with an in–house developed application hosting solution would far outweigh the incremental benefits. The best way forward is to find a hosting provider that offers a scalable solution. At Caelus, we have the required expertise to help clients who are looking for such solutions.

Acquire complete control over your technology needs!

Most hosting solution providers will offer simple, inexpensive solutions that will help novices to run their businesses. However, if you feel that the volume of business is high and you need a flawless mechanism to control your business processes then searching for a reliable, trustworthy partner who can offer a robust solution would be the right thing to do.

  • Before implementing any Unix based server solution you need to check whether the system can facilitate collaboration across your enterprise.
  • While developing Unix-based server system for our clients, our first step is to analyze their requirements and then customize our product accordingly.
  • Caelus offers superb Unix hosting at an affordable price. Choose from any of our plans, which provide optimum disk space and functionalities enabling you to develop feature-rich websites. All our Unix hosting plans contain data recovery and anti-virus functionalities.
  • Whether you want to host your web site or any of your mission critical web applications, you will find that our dedicated server products can be configured quite easily to meet your requirements.

The Unix hosting plans that we offer provide users with the perfect combination of features, security and value as they are suitable for both professional programmers and enterprise users who are trying to leverage the power of Unix.