Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We design custom software solutions that are in sync with the needs of our domestic and international clients. Our horizontal expertise in offering web based solutions coupled with our vertical expertise in healthcare, education, telecom, ecommerce and similar such verticals has made us the ‘GO-TO’ agency for corporate, non-profits, institutions and even government bodies for custom software development.

Our experience has shown that enterprise users want a light-weight, easy to use, customized solution wherein they have to invest the minimum possible time in training the staff and they can even figure out the technology on their own. The feature-rich customized software that we design are mobile-friendly, meaning that they can be accessed easily and effectively on the mobile or tablet screens of users. The technology being used is mostly open source, which minimizes development costs and the savings can be diverted to marketing spends which, in turn, deliver a higher return on investment.

With sound software in place, business owners can interact with their core audiences faster, better and can obtain feedback 24*7. The feedback received can be used to modify the product or service being offered by brand custodians. And all this will ultimately lead to higher visibility, higher sales, and convert your product into a cash–generating machine. With the rapid growth of the internet, individuals and companies owing large portals, desire strong customized software solutions that can help them disseminate and update information in real-time.

Mobile-friendly software solutions that can help websites achieve high ranks in search engines is the need of the hour. And that’s where our expertise kicks in that proves crucial in the success or failure of the product being unleashed by companies in the online space.

At Caelus, we offer full training and support for training employees of our customers in implementing solution at their end. We will set it up once and minor customizations can be done by employees at their end. Being open source, there are no license fee considerations and companies can use the savings at their end in order to train their staff better. Once trained, they will be able to use it with ease and effectiveness.