Linux Server

Think Linux Think Caelus

We are truly a stakeholder in the long term evolution of the IT industry. And we help you harness the power of LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql PHP) technologies to give your business the edge it needs. Our economical and highly reliable Linux web hosting plans offer users with a combination of performance, stability, and cost.

Users who opt for Linux web hosting plans can leverage the flexibility of popular open source technologies like PHP, MySql, Python and XML. Customers who have availed of Linux web hosting plans vouch for the fact that the rock solid combination of Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP has proved to be the most reliable environment till date. The Linux web hosting solutions we provide are quite suitable for web masters who frequently use Linux hosting features, such as Perl programming, PHP and Mysql.

Leverage the power of Linux for your business

Linux being open source is maintained by a world-wide community of developers resulting in a safe and secure hosting environment for end users.

  • Being open source, Linux proves to be very cheap as compared to any other proprietary platforms that are in vogue.
  • Price-sensitive enterprise consumers whose businesses are still in infancy find Linux web hosting very reliable and economical.
  • Our team members are available round the clock to help you with the server set up.
  • Moreover our systems are designed in such a manner that they will continue to work with other open source technologies as they emerge on the horizon.

As far as the administration aspect is concerned, on the whole, Linux server administrators are a bit more expensive as their number is few and far between compared to Unix or Windows. But with Caelus by your side, cost and reliability are issues you can forget about as you can be assured of getting a good deal in return for long term commitment. Try any of our affordable, high performance Linux hosting plans and you will realize the difference and even recommend them to others.